Innovation. Education. Business.

The mission of the TEC is to foster entrepreneurship and enhance the success of new tech companies through a program of business incubation and education, resulting in a more diverse local economy, new job opportunities in the Indiana area, and increased wealth.

About Us

Our Goals

  1. Increase the rate of new business start-up activity in the market area.
  2. Improve the long-term success rate for recently formed businesses.
  3. Create opportunities for university students and community members to gain hands-on experience in tech/software development, entrepreneurship, and small business.
  4. Help to diversify the local economy.
  5. Foster a culture that is supportive of entrepreneurship.
  6. Create employment opportunities for area residents.
  7. Develop women-owned and minority-owned businesses.
  8. Provide networking, mentoring, training, technical assistance, and customized services for client businesses
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